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Sonicspore - STEPSY Vol 2 - Psytrance Lead Lines ( MIDI / Vital)

Sonicspore - STEPSY Vol 2 - Psytrance Lead Lines ( MIDI / Vital)

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StePsy Volume 2:  the new MIDI and presets library featuring original Rhythmic Step & Hold Sequence Patterns and Vital vst lead patches  specifically designed by Sonicspore for Psytrance music producers.


Speed up your workflow and provide you with new ideas to elaborate.

Open your DAW, add a MIDI track and load your favorite VST preset. Then, drag and drop StePsy's MIDI clips and watch your lead lines come to life instantly! No more wasted time programming or writing patterns from scratch, just easy, efficient, and fast solutions to give your tracks the right energy and drive!


Compared to the first volume of Stepsy, which is divided into Step & Hold and Melodic Riffs, this second volume focuses solely on rhythmic Step & Hold sequences and includes a substantial collection of Vital VST patches. 

  • Rhythmic/Step & Hold features mono-tone MIDI clips, quantized in sixteenth notes and full of groove. These clips are designed to generate pure energy and highly engaging flows, using classic FM lead sounds, or to develop "call and response" interactions between various patterns and presets in the typical Darkpsy, Twilight, Full- On, Progressive and Forest psytrance styles.                                                                 
  • Vital presets Leads (full macro mapped) specifically designed for these MIDI clips, ensuring immediate results!                                                   
  • Simply drag and drop the MIDI Clips files into your Daw and assign your favourite presets, and you'll get great results that will make your tracks stand out from the start.                                                                                                                               
  • Flexibility: All files are based in the key of F but can easily be transposed thanks to the flexibility of MIDI. Any file in the collection can be modified, rearranged, cut, or stitched to obtain infinite variations according to your needs.                         


The usage procedure is remarkably simple:

To get an audio signal from Stepsy2's MIDI clips,

- drop any StePsy2 MIDI file into a MIDI track in your project.

- Then, assign your preferred VST preset to the track, and watch as your leadline instantly comes to life,!


Don't worry about compatibility with your preferred production software -

Stepsy 2 works with all the most common DAWs such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Fruity Loops, Studio One, Reaper, and many others.

And no matter which virtual synth you prefer, such as Serum, Vital, Pigmenst, Sylenth, Spire - Stepsy will work with all of them.

Whether you are a beginner or a advanced producer, you will have an endless variety of combinations to express your creativity, to speed up your workflow and unlock new potential in your psytrance music!


  •  150 Total MIDI Files
      Step & Hold Rhythmic Patterns                                                                                
  •  15 Leads for Vital vst (Full macro presets)
  • Works at any tempo (BPM)
  •  Customizable Files (Transposeable and Editable to any key)
  • Drag & Drop Midi Files
  •  Compatibles with any Daw and any Virtual Synth


enjoy a smoother workflow with Stepsy!

Click here for Stepsy Volume 1 :

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