Refund Policy

Art. 8. Delivery and Return Policy (exclusion for digital Products after download or streaming)

Pursuant to art. 59 lett. i) of Italian Code of consume (D. Lgs 206/2005) and EU Directive no. 2019/2161, it is excluded (both for professionals and consumers) any withdrawal and reimbursement right after the download or streaming of the Product, being these digital goods to be considered “opened” after such download or streaming.
Regarding sole Consumers, exclusively prior to downloading (if applicable), the ordinary binding rules on withdrawal shall apply, therefore reimbursement requests may be submitted to SonicsporeSound within 14 days since the purchase along with the purchase order number and via the same email which the purchase was registered under.
SonicsporeSound does offer to professional Users or to Consumers after the download refunds only on a case-by-case basis, taking into account only technical problems to the Products or errors in purchasing stage.


if you are unhappy with one products, please contact  at