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Sonicspore - MICRODIMENSION - Psytrance (Vital Presets & Midi)

Sonicspore - MICRODIMENSION - Psytrance (Vital Presets & Midi)

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Microdimension is a small preset pack for the Vital VST and MIDI clip files,

designed for the production of psytrance music.


Focused on styles such as Psytrance Fullon/Twilight/Old School/Prog/Dark/Forest,

this collection includes the following Vital presets:


-Solid basses, characteristic of the genre.

- Interesting SFX with unique tones.

- Leads suitable for more aggressive sounds, featuring FM synthesis timbres. (LD)

- Another set of leads designed for more melodic and old-school lines. (LDA)

- Pads and textures for creating immersive atmospheres and filling the entire sonic spectrum.


(*Unlike my other preset packs, Microdimension DOES NOT have mapped macro knobs.)


Regarding the MIDI Clips files in this pack, you'll have access to 3 folders organized as follows:

Basslines created in different scales and tonalities.

Arpeggios suitable for old school/full-on/prog styles, to be used with the "LDA" preset leads.

Rhythmic sequences focused on dark/twilight/forest lines, to be paired with the "LD" preset leads.


In summary, this pack offers:


  • 5 Bass

  • 12 sFx

  • 27 Leads

  • 5 Pads

  • 4 Textures

  • 3 Vocals Patch



  • 12 Bassline

  • 32 Arp

  • 11 Sequences


Microdimension Psytrance is 100% Royalty Free!


Check single sounds preset demo here:

Mini Demo track:

VITAL Vst is Free!

download here:

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