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⬛️ Sonicspore - DARK AMBIENT BUNDLE the dark side of Xfer Serum vst

Sonicspore Dark Sound Bundle Pack is a comprehensive collection of presets for Xfer Serum designed for music producers, sound designers, and composers. This bundle is perfect for those looking to create dark, eerie, and atmospheric sounds in their music and multimedia projects. It includes four unique libraries:

Dark Elements is a collection of 64 high-quality presets.

This library offers sounds including atmospheres, basses, synthesizers, pads, and effects, all designed from scratch to ensure maximum sound quality and creative flexibility. Assigned macro knobs allow for infinite customization possibilities.

Gloomy Noises is a collection of 96 presets  focused on decadent atmospheres, dark drones, and organic textures. These experimental sounds are perfect for creating macabre, apocalyptic, and eerie scenarios, ideal for audio content, video games, and films.

It also includes a bonus Serum skin.

Levitation Volume 1 offers 60 presets , including dark and introspective atmospheres, evocative pads, relaxing and nostalgic keys, and BPM-synced sequences. Each preset includes macro knobs for extensive customization.

Levitation Volume 2 is a library of 64 presets  designed for producing dark ambient soundscapes. Perfect for evoking suggestive, mysterious, or unsettling atmospheres in creative contexts such as ambient music, film scores, and video games.

⬛️ Production Contexts:

  • Dark and ambient electronic music

  • Horror film scores

  • Multimedia and VR content production

  • Video game sound design projects

With a total of 284 high-quality presets, created from scratch and fully customizable via powerful macro knobs, this bundle is essential for any producer/composer looking to stand out. Each preset is crafted to stimulate creativity and offer a wide range of innovative and distinctive sounds. Adding this collection to your library is essential for exploring new sonic dimensions and taking your production to new heights.

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