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Sonicspore - PSYTRANCE BASSLINE BUNDLE ( Serum / Samples / Midi)

Sonicspore - PSYTRANCE BASSLINE BUNDLE ( Serum / Samples / Midi)

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🟦 Psytrance Bassline Bundle: Kick Samples, Serum Presets, and MIDI Clips

Have you ever wondered how to create solid and powerful psytrance basslines and are looking for the ultimate tool to craft your engaging tracks?

With this bundle by Sonicspore, you'll have everything you need to bring the core of your tracks to life!

🟦 Sonicspore - CORE - Psytrance Kick & Bass (Serum/Samples)

  • High-quality kick samples
  • Serum bass presets specifically designed for psytrance
  • Wavetables to create your own basslines on any wavetable synthesis virtual synth

🟦 Sonicspore - DEEPSY - Psytrance Basslines (MIDI)

  • MIDI clips to provide you with an extensive array of creative ideas


🟦 By purchasing the bundle, you can save 15% compared to buying the individual packs. This offer is perfect for psytrance producers looking to enrich their sound arsenal with quality tools.

You no longer need to worry about searching through dozens of mixed sound banks to find the sound you want. With this bundle, you have everything at your fingertips with just a few clicks, saving you valuable time to dedicate to the creative phase.

Simply insert the MIDI and audio tracks into your DAW, drag and drop the various resources from the packs, and achieve convincing results right away!


  • 50+ BASS PRESETS (for Xfer Serum Vst) 
  • 50+ SAMPLES (Wav 24-bit 44.1kHz)

  (over 2500  possible combo of Kick & Bass in total!)

  •  22 WAVETABLES (Compatible with all VST synths with wavetable synthesis) 


🟦 Maximize your creative potential. Buy the bundle and transform your ideas into extraordinary tracks. Order now and take advantage of the exclusive discount!


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 ➡️ Sonicspore - CORE - Psytrance Kick & Bass (Serum/Samples)

 ➡️ Sonicspore - DEEPSY - Psytrance Basslines (MIDI)

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