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Sonicspore Sounds

Sonicspore - CORRUPT NOIZ - Glitchy Sound (Samples)

Sonicspore - CORRUPT NOIZ - Glitchy Sound (Samples)

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Ready for some creative chaos?

Corrupt Noiz is the essential collection of samples by Sonicspore, bringing surprise, innovation, and chaos to your electronic music tracks.


In today's music scene, it's crucial to grab listeners with original, surprising sounds.

Sometimes a simple sample, a unique vocal, or a twisted groove can make all the difference.

That's why I created this artifacted, destroyed and glitched-out sample pack. To break the rules, create unique moments, and add unpredictable vibes to your music.

Inside Corrupt Noiz, you'll discover a ton of resources to create futuristic, mind-bending sounds that keep your listeners fully hooked.

This pack is super easy to use, with named, numbered, and organized folders:

  • GLITCHY COMBO LOOPS: Uniquely twisted loops that go beyond the standard, with irregular elements that bring tension, agitation, and disorientation. Perfect for unpredictable vibes!

  • DRUM LOOPS: Intense kick, snare, and drum elements with syncopated patterns that add energy, intensity, and complexity to your rhytms.

  • PERCUSSION LOOPS: Made with congas,toms, bongos, shakers, and more. Layer them with other rhythmic or instrumental elements.

  • GRANULAR TEXTURES: Abstract, non-linear dystopic atmospheres for diverse musical scenarios.

  • VOCAL CHOPS: Twisted loops made from voice snippets, a great way to add some groovy vibes in an alternative manner.

  • TRANSITION & FILLS: Micro risers, glitches, and impactful drum fills to supercharge your song transitions.

  • VOICES: A collection of character voices waiting to be explored.

  • RANDOM/VARIOUS: Carefully crafted glitch sounds for endless creative possibilities.

You can easily adapt these sounds to various electronic genres like Psytrance, Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Synthwave, IDM, Techno, Glitch Hop, Breakcore, Hardstyle, Noise Music, and more, by finding new creative paths in production and breaking through the established standards.

Every file in this pack has been meticulously created and processed to deliver the perfect sonic experience.

Effortlessly use them with popular music production software like Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Bitwig, and more.

Instantly drop them in or experiment with resampling, cutting, reversing, and beyond enabling endless recycling

In a nutshell, this sound library is an endless source of inspiration, pushing your limits, exploring new sonic frontiers, and creating unique, captivating musical experiences for your audience.

Grab Corrupt Noiz now, reinvent your sound, and unleash mind-blowing results!


  • 🟪 100 GLITCHY COMBO LOOPS (148 BPM) 🟪


  • 🟪 28 DRUM LOOPS (148 BPM) 🟪

  • 🟪 25 VOXCHOPS (148 BPM) 🟪

  • 🟪 55 TRANSITION&FILLS (148 BPM) 🟪

  • 🟪 25 PERCUSSION LOOPS (148 BPM) 🟪

  • 🟪 30 VOICES 🟪


Total Files: 688 Samples | Sample files format : Wav 24-bit 44.1kHz

Total Size Pack 830 MB | Instant Download


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