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Sonicspore Sounds

Sonicspore - BRUTAL BREAKS - Free Drum Loops (Samples)

Sonicspore - BRUTAL BREAKS - Free Drum Loops (Samples)

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One thing's for sure:
If you're looking for clean, pristine, and perfect drum sounds, this little killer pack isn't for you.

BRUTAL BREAKS a new free sound library of hyper-distorted, dirty, explosive, twisted, and rule-breaking drum loop samples.

🟦 These loops are perfect, for example, for :

  • Creative transitions between different sections of a track, switching up the rhythm, and keeping listeners hooked.
  • Build-ups to crank up the rhythm and get listeners ready for the drop.
  • Bridges to provide a rhythmic break or change the mood.
  • Instrumental sections where breaks can shine, giving a complex and dynamic rhythmic base without other instruments.

In short, these break drums are super versatile tools in electronic music tracks, helping to create tension, release energy, and keep listeners engaged with rhythmic and dynamic changes


Inside the pack, you'll find 30 ready-to-use drum break loops.

All loops are at 140 BPM and come in high-quality WAV Stereo 24Bit (44.1khz) format.

Super easy to use, just drag and drop them into your projects. These break drum loop samples are compatible with any DAW out there (Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Studio One, etc.).

🟦 How to Download:

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  • Download: You'll receive an instant download link via email. Download the pack and start creating!

Download Brutal Breaks now and discover how to unleash the power of these loops in your tracks !

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